Creating a value-based business environment
where life smiles.


To continually assist our respected customers
with quality good


1. Respect
2. Open Communication
3. Continuous Improvement


1. Teamwork
2. Efficiency
3. Responsibility
4. Accountability
5. Corporate Citizenship


1. Growing Customer Base
2. Wise Investment Opportunities
3. National development initiatives


1. Customers
2. Employees

Our Company

It was established in 1979 by the Alam group of companies. It started with 6-7 sales people by distributing the goods to small ventures. Gradually Jate started its own small venture and now it is one of the leading distributors of food and non-food products to our customers Inspired by significant success in general trading and huge potential in the target market, we augmented our operation in the retail industry, promoting and marketing South East Asian green and quality products in the UAE. We also expanded into diversified industries such as engineering and construction. Subsequently, various divisions and varied activities were brought under the broader banner of Alam Group of Companies. It is the one of the leading distributor in Abu Dhabi. It consists of 7% marketshare among Abu Dhabi and Western Emirates till 2009.